Sunday, September 5, 2010

Positive reward-based ONLY

This is a blog about a day in the life of a positive reward-based only behavior Under no circumstances do I add pain devices to a dog's training process, whether I'm training a puppy or a dog with challenges such as aggression, reactivity to the environment, noise sensitivites, separation anxiety, shy/fearful dogs and more. Where knowledge ends, aversion begins and I truly believe this. The day in the life of a positive reward-based behavior trainer has a lot of twists and turns from questions clients ask to general media entering the minds of unsuspecting dog owners who have little or no knowledge. How does one deal with all of this?

Kindness does count and knowledge goes a long way in positive reward-based training. It is better than aversives, it is scientifically proven to be better and it is longer lasting in the results achieved. It encompasses more than a clicker, a touch, a kind word. It is not permissive and food is just one element of a comprehensive system.

Transforming challenges into positive solutions so dogs avoid euthanasia, ending up in shelters and are able to stay in forever homes is my mission. My policy is authority without dominance; respect without fear and love without submission. Am I serious, yes I am.

This is my focus, this is my life. The journey is sometimes serious, sometimes humorous and always a passion. Will share videos, photos and my own techniques of the aggression puzzle and my tolerance acclimation process/technique for intra-household aggression. See where this positive journey takes us.

"Power is of two kinds. One is obtained by
the fear of punishment and the other by
acts of love. Power based on love is a
thousand times more effective and
permanent then the one derived from fear
of punishment." - Mahatma Gandhi

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