Thursday, February 23, 2012

Of activities and interferences

Marketing is just one must do for a behavior trainer. There are after all upcoming seminars, workshops, classes, never before offered classes (like the new APDT C.L.A.S.S. program) and skills to be announced to the target audiences.  For me being on an island, this is a weekly activity, but for today my marketing flyers must lie dormant at the printers.

A lot of my business actually comes off island within a 50 mile radius and through phone consultations nationwide.  Am taking my first international consult in March and so days can be crazed.

From CGC classes, to private consultations for challenging behaviors, to phone consults and a private Control Unleashed class to prepare a dog for agility classes, as well as a full writing schedule there is never a dull moment. Except for today, when the big COLD that is going around hits me square in the eyes and I'm down for the count. Then things take on a surreal snail's pace and I don't know what to do with myself.

This shouldn't be happening. Who me, get a cold? I've got things to do after all.

So, I simply work on my book a bit ( a little thing on The Aggression Puzzle with formulae and emotional detox info) and assign myself an article on Helium, study up on helping a Havanese overcome Coprophagia, prepare for a phone consult from California working with a dog reactive dog, start compiling notes on creating curriculum for the Pet Association Guild, and wind down an emotional detox in Maryland, reschedule a travel date to Puyullup, WA, and get things in order for a private session for control unleashed and pre-agility work, as well as preparing for final session in Intermediate Treibball class.  A very boring day to say the least.

A day in the life of a behavior trainer can be interspersed with great notes such as "Dear Miss Diane, Thank you for my new toy and for your patience in training me to be a better dog. You make me happy! Mom, Dad and I thank you!" (a dog reactive dog) OR filled with woe as a long-term client dog is put to sleep for extreme resource guarding resulting in level 5 bite wounds to her very loving owner. From great joys to great sorrows, it can all add up to "experience and learning".

When all is added up in the scheme of life, the joys far outweigh the sorrows and make it just another day in the life of this behavior trainer.

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