Tuesday, May 21, 2013

2013 Post #1 - Maryland Canine Emotional Detox Workshop

Day in the life has been inconsistent, but will accelerate my posts - a Day In The Life of a Behavior Trainer can certainly get BUSY!!!

Over the past two years, I've been gathering case studies, up to 165 now, on my Canine Emotional Detox and am busily working on the first edition book.  It is a right combination of pieces to solving the puzzle in working with challenging canines of all types.  It is meant to come before behavior modification and skills applications to release harmful stress chemicals. You can view photos of this workshop at www.facebook.com/cTLC3 my Facebook biz page.  Great people, great successes and a lot of learning.  The golden nugget to a CED is the Final Analysis, which becomes the document for the behavior modification program.

If you are a trainer working force free with challenging dogs, you may wish to join the FB group "Force Free Trainers - Solving the Aggression Puzzle".

These two projects have kept me very busy in addition to my private sessions schedule - which is usually all challenging dogs, all day.

Treibball workshop, demonstration and puppy classes, as well as Fearful Dog and Reactive Dog classes have also been at the forefront.

Working with my own dogs is always a priority - and providing them the mental stimulation, physical stimulation, physical exercise and relaxation they need is important to me.  Chancellor has been working on Nosework and loves it with a passion. Valor is working in RallyO/Freestyle Element and has his first show May 25th - we are working in pre-novice right now and picking out the details before titling.  Kody Bear is working hard on Treibball at an Intermediate level.

A lot on my plate and just a Day in the life of a behavior trainer/consultant.

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