Monday, May 27, 2013

Games - mentally stimulating brain games for dogs

Mental stimulation is important in a dog's daily life. Today as I was gathering more ideas for my own and client dogs I ran across a fun and new activity with a ball most people will already have in the toybox.

Leopold's Crate: Fun Activity for Dogs who like to Disembowel their Stuffed Animal Toys. Thanks to Leopold's owner, a brilliant idea is born and one that doesn't cost a lot of money, nor take a lot of time to resurrect.  Here are a few photos depicting the activity.


Add this to your dog's activity, of course, varying it with many other homemade or on the market intelligence toys.  Keep you dogs mind active, and you will get better focus, participation, and less reactivity. Activities should challenge all the senses of a canine.  This satisfies foraging, taste, visual, scenting.

One of the elements of the Canine Emotional Detox: Stress Release for the Challenging Dog is mentally stimulating activities.  There is a reason for each activity in the CED, to evaluate how a dog solves a problem or doesn't, how they may relate to their environment and respond in real life circumstances giving insight to individualized behavior modification programs.  The cover to my book is done as far as illustration and font for title and subtitle, and now it will go to be colorized. Over the next eight weeks I'll be working fervently to complete this book.

It's all just another day in the life of a behavior trainer.

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