Friday, May 24, 2013


Valor is just starting to hit the show circuit. My very first goal for him is that all show experiences are successful and we will be spending 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. in Fife, WA at a dog show for RallyO/Element Freestyle.  We aren't entered in a titling event, but will be doing Pre-Novice twice during the day.

In between we will walk around, sit and do things by the optimal clock.  So we will arrive and eat breakfast there, set up a crate and play crate games. We'll sit and relax in the crate and then come out on a mat. We'll walk around and c/t for the right behaviors at the or in the show environment.

I will click and treat for sound, or things that fall, or dogs that are close or people rushing around.  Everything will be kept at successful, optimal levels.

Then we'll take an outdoor break and alone time in the safe zone of the truck.  Next comes grooming, ttouch, and obstacle work to prep  for our showing.  We'll do some warm-ups and then it will be very boring until we reach the show ring, where all the fun and happy stuff flows.

After our show time we'll have another one hour rest period to absorb the good information.  Then I will start the process over from the top. In between we'll do intelligence toys for mentally stimulating activity, crate games and target games.

Photos will flow in tomorrow's blog and some observations, as well as how we did with all of the above.

Shows can be very stressful for dogs and distraction overload.

Wish us luck!! It's just another day in the life of a behavior trainer!

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