Friday, February 3, 2017

Forward movement always better

What does that mean?  It means don't get in a rut, keep educating yourself, keep working and marketing your business and so much more.  In addition to private sessions with challenging dogs and their owners, implementing stress release protocols, client consults and holding puppy classes my week moved forward with the following accomplishments.

Renewal of professional organization memberships

Tellington Touch for Trainers - the touch that teaches - is one organization renewed this week alone. It is a kind, therapeutic and excellent way to interact with people and their animals. To learn more go here:

Continue to earn certifications

This week, on February 1,  I earned the Fear Free Certifications a seven module class focusing on "Taking the pet out of petrified" as it pertains to fear free veterinarian visits. It is for veterinarians, vet techs and support staff and is opening up to animal professionals, as well.  This opens up a workshop or class on this topic or a module in a class for my clients.  Dr. Marty Becker, DVM and a specialized committee of veterinarians and pet professionals are responsible for the design of this course.  To learn more go to and hosts the course itself.  The program is approved by the AAVSB RACE. I am very proud to be a part of this effort and a part of a growing group of professionals who embrace fear free practices for animals to decrease fear, anxiety and stress.

I have made copies of this certification and will have it added to all my veterinarian canine records.

The business details

Renewing business insurance, marketing classes upcoming, and meeting to establish Canine Transformations Room to Run program for owners locally of reactive and special needs dogs. Having a place to exercise dogs with issues, health challenges, or puppies for safety is what we will strive to achieve. We have a place to start, and a team to start this endeavor and are moving forward rapidly. Will talk more about this as it unrolls.

Learning to build and daily change my website is a course I am taking and soon will have my revised website at It is long overdue and I am learning how so I can make changes fast and furiously keeping clients up-to-date to all that is happening at Canine Transformations Learning Center.

Tax preparations are underway in addition to all of the above.

Planning reactive dog and public dog walks, cTLC Walks With Dogs program, a yearly offering from April to October.  Where we walk is planned well in advance and that is taking place as I write.

Continuing Professional Education - Educational webinars

Today learned about "Errorless Learning" through a webinar by that title given through the Pet Professionals Guild (PPG): an association for force free pet professionals of which I am a founding member.  Continuing education is big with me and I don't care how many certifications someone has not to keep up with what is new, better and progressive is a big mistake.

These days there is so much one can do online without traveling or leaving your home that it would be very lax if this wasn't taken advantage of and in addition, one can even trial in certain dogsports online, such as Parkour, Treibball and RallyO Freestyle. We've come a long way baby - with professional behavior and dog training and keeping up with technology and advances is primary.

Professional Writing

A cover article for "Barks from the Guild" a PPG publication is in process on multi-dog households fighting, which will be a cover feature in May 2017 issue.

Resurrecting and writing this blog.

Formatting my upcoming book on systematic stress release and behavior modification. This is an ongoing work and seems to get put on the burner as other details are being handled.

Putting my work where my mouth is - my dogs

Bathing and brushing day for the Canine Transformations dogs is underway in preparation for a boarder coming in on Sunday.

Picking up raw meat from local farmers is a monthly action item.

Prepping for tomorrow (always)

Two puppy classes and an adolescent pup private are all in the works.

Keep moving forward if you are a pet professional, otherwise you might find that things stop. That does not mean to burn out because in all of the above, carving out personal time is also critical and just another day in the life of a behavior trainer.

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